nanao em newfoundland

maine, united states
From Maine, our friend Gary Lawless sends another contribution to Nanao Global! Two poems written by him and based on the trip that he, his partner Beth Leonard and Nanao Sakaki took together to Newfoundland, Canada, in 1995. Two beautiful poems that illustrate how impermanence expresses itself on the landscape and also Nanao’s intimacy with the natural phenomena surrounding him. The pictures are from Beth Leonard. Check it out!


We were listening to the sound
The ice makes –
“too much!” says Nanao
We were listening to the sound
The wind makes,
Newfoundland west coast,
Green Garden trail a
Moose at every turn –
Making the miso soup
Nanao says
“I go crazy for potato!”
We are far away
From the world -
Anything is possible –
Ice and wind,

(Gary Lawless)



The iceberg has come
To speak with Nanao.
She is just beyond the window,
Waiting beyond the light.
She has come a long way.
She has a message for us.
She is very shy.
If we look directly at her
She begins to melt away,
All that she
has to say, lost
to the light of
day, the wind, the
rocks, our eyes –
She begins to speak.
We must listen
Very carefully.


Tonight she comes as moose,
No longer iceberg,
Tiptoeing carefully,
Between the tents.
She is happy in darkness.
She is looking for Nanao.
She wants to enter his dreams.  


Today she is standing
Beside the road
In a patch of bog and
Dirty snow.
She is the color of glacier,
Iceberg, snow and
She turns and
Into the woods.
She is caribou.
She is iceberg.
She is message,
And dream.

Twillingate/Terra Nova/Gros Morne

(Gary Lawless)