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In the Italian magazine Lato Salvatico, bioregionalist, poet and editor Giuseppe Moretti presents a small text to celebrate Nanao’s centenary. Read below it’s English translation, and click on the link to open the original Lato Salvatico page (which also includes some pictures and Nanao's poems translated into Italian!)

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Thank you, Giuseppe! Domo arigato!

Nanao Sakaki came to Italy for the first time in October 2000, thanks to the poet Gary Lawless and his partner Beth Leonard. The rendezvous took place in Pratale, on the farm of Etain and Martino in Umbria region. The place was crowded with people, who had come from all over the surrounding area to attend the poetry reading that Nanao was going to do on the afternoon of Sunday the 13th. The rain of those days did not stop falling during the time of the reading. About 400 km away, in the Mantua area, the Po was in full flood and the situation was getting worse. The program, after Pratale, provided that Lato Selvatico would accompany Nanao for a series of readings all over the peninsula. Which unfortunately was not possible due to the flood emergency that would soon occur. However, a replacement was found in the person of Anna “La Ganga” Gregorutti, who successfully completed the tour. Nanao also returned the following year for another series of successful readings, again accompanied by Anna. The series of photos below are taken from the photographic portfolio produced by the “Porto dei Santi” cultural association, which portrays Nanao in the reading held in Sasso Marconi (BO) in May 2001.

On January 1, 2023, Nanao would have turned 100 years old.
Lato Selvatico and those who have known and appreciated the figure and poetry of Nanao Sakaki, wish to the bard poet / Japanese wanderer, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANAO!!