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Gary Lawless, poet, editor and friend of Nanao, writes us with good news direct from Maine, USA! It is a long-awaited release related to Nanao's life. Check it out:

To celebrate Nanao Global, honoring Nanao Sakaki’s 100th birthday, Blackberry Books will publish Hi Nanao, a collection of poems edited and authored by C S Merrill, rising out of their time together in the American Southwest, China, and Mongolia. The book will be a 64 page paperback, selling for U$15. All proceeds from the book will go to the Issa Sakaki Merrill Scholarship for Peacemakers, at the University of New Mexico. Issa was the son of Nanao Sakaki and Carol Merrill.

To honor this collection, Gary Snyder has said: “Here was a man who saw the crazy nations of the world around him and could still see the entire universe playing through it, from distant emptiness to the pebble on the trail. What a song he sang!”

Hi Nanao:

Nanao said
His standard for good poetry
When he feels his spirit
Expanding after reading
He considers it a fine one.
If he feels past and future
Meeting in a poem,
It’s a good one.

You can reach Blackberry Books online at: chimfarm@gwi.net

Nanao Sakaki, Carol Merrill, Issa Sakaki Merrill Nanao Sakaki, Carol Merrill, Issa Sakaki Merrill